Getting listed through the ordering assortment

Obtaining a place in the assortment of the Swedish retail monopoly, Systembolaget, is a very desirable goal for wine producers all over the world. Usually, this goal is achieved by responding to calls for tenders in which Systembolaget makes a request for a specific product from a specific area and with specific characteristics. However, this is not the only way to get into Systembolaget’s assortment. It is also possible for a product to qualify for a spot in the permanent assortment through strong sales in what is known as the ordering assortment.

The ordering assortment consists of products which are supplied and stored by the importers but that are sold through Systembolaget. The importers submit the products for listing in the ordering assortment and, after a formal review, the products will then be promoted mainly via the website of Systembolaget, where the consumers can also place their orders. If a wine performs sufficiently well in the ordering assortment, it may qualify for a spot in the permanent assortment and thus earn a much coveted space on the shelves of Systembolaget’s stores.

Chateau Montelena is one of the truly legendary producers of California. Montelena hadn’t been present on the Swedish market for decades when its cooperation with Terrific Wines began. Focusing on the ordering assortment and following a thorough launch plan, Terrific Wines was able to successfully reintroduce the winery to the Swedish market. In a very short time, three of Chateau Montelana’s wines managed to make their way into the permanent assortment by going via the ordering assortment.